In Search for a Head of Marketing

Company Overview

In 2018 several Inventory Source team members set out to build a product that our customers at Inventory Source had been asking for, for years. 

Although they loved the “plug and play” nature of Inventory Source, they craved a central platform with more flexibility and intelligent automation to run their entire ecommerce business.

We launched Flxpoint in January 2020 and within the first 12 months we quickly passed 130 customers and $1MM in ARR… with little to no marketing outside of word of mouth within our Inventory Source customer base.

We knew we had something and Flxpoint has propelled our business into a new type of customer and a market in which we are seeing there is truly a gap where we are uniquely positioned to serve.

We are in search of a Head of Marketing to help further establish the Flxpoint platform in the market and continue to drive and position the Inventory Source brand.

The Role

Our ideal Head of Marketing (HoM) has an insatiable appetite for learning and is driven by gaining new skills and knowledge. They dive head first into whatever they do, turning over every stone in the subject or project they are working on. 

Our HoM is someone that is excited to learn who our customer is, what drives them, what frustrates them, and how they view us vs the competition. 

They are a product marketing expert and fanatical about our value proposition and positioning in the market.

With that said, at our company’s stage we are biased towards generalists and “renaissance” type folk for these Head roles.

We have a small 3 person marketing team of specialists, each having a focus in their own area; i.e. writing quality content, managing GTM operations, ensuring great web design/video production.

We need a Head of Marketing to own the direction of our marketing strategy and manage our team while still being able to get their hands dirty in almost any area of the department.

Some of the things we are doing currently (some poorly, some well) that we need help with and would be under your management…

Product Marketing

In most cases, Flxpoint is a central operations hub for our customers and it has a very deep and wide feature set. We have taken some truly innovative approaches to provide our customers automation tools that are typically reserved for enterprise budgets and overly complex ERPs.

We need help better showcasing, explaining, and educating our customers on the badassness of Flxpoint’s features.

Content Marketing

We have been dropship (and automation) evangelists since the inception of this company and we are in an exciting time in retail where this conversation is becoming more relevant and mainstream everyday. With our team’s extensive experience in dropship, supply chain operations, and ecommerce we have some pretty timely and interesting things to say about today’s shift in retail. We need someone that can package up this knowledge leader content and effectively distribute it to our target audience through the channels that are most effective.

Paid Ad Spend Management

We have had several contractors help us with this area of our business over the years with varying degrees of success and we can continue to do so (or not). How we maximize ROAS as well as how much of the budget we dedicate here vs other areas will be a big part of what we would look for you to drive.

Revenue Operations & Analytics

As an automation platform, you can imagine we may automate a good bit of internal operations as well. We have multiple marketing automation tools and differing platforms/processes to manage campaign workflows and analytics. Our HoM needs to be data driven, with a strong desire to dial in campaign attribution to be able to determine the most effective marketing channels/methods to optimize where we spend our time and money.

In Summary

Flxpoint is a fast growing “startup” backed by our reliable and proven parent company, Inventory Source. We have the best of both worlds, marrying a young, agile, meritocracy based environment with the stability and proven model of a 16 year old company and customer base.

The Flxpoint product is less than 2 years old and we have seen some very encouraging growth that we are doubling down on as the future of the company. We are still early in the journey of Flxpoint and want to share in our success with stock option plans for any key role and leadership position. Benefits, 401k with match, all of that stuff too.

Our Jax Beach office might have some sweet ocean views, but we support those that prefer to work from home (or are located outside the Jacksonville, FL area). Over 50% of our team works remote and this role is available with remote as an option, however being in Jacksonville or a close flight away for travel is definitely a bonus.

If you think this role is for you, apply here or feel free to shoot me an email at If you have a resume, great! If not, no worries a LinkedIn profile link works fine.

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